Senior Studio Project 1 Journal 6

Animation Link:

Script for Live Action Scenes

Section 1:

When viewing an artist’s work, people will question the meaning behind it, whether the content gives the issue away openly or subtly.

This is especially the case with widely-known issues. In the case of this piece, I want to talk about the issue of racial stereotyping.

As an analogy for this issue, let’s assume that supernatural creatures (or more specifically in this case, vampires) actually exist and are revealed to mankind.

And no, I do not mean vampires that sparkle in the sunlight. What I am referring to is the vampire established by film directors such as Tod Browning (who directed the 1931 film Dracula). This established vampires with a tendency toward rape and defilement of women.

But enough with the long introduction. Let’s follow a vampire around for a while and see what happens.

Section 2 (takes place after scene 6):

So vampires are just monstrous blood suckers, right? Did anyone watching see him attack anyone as he walked along? Didn’t think so. If we consider vampires as being similar to humans, then it should make sense that they can be just as diverse personality-wise as anyone else. Not every person you pass on the street is a psychopath that will attack or pursue you. Why does it have to be any different with this character?! All he did was walk down the street and people were whispering about him and giving him dirty looks. There was even a place that forbade him from entering! And what was this based off of? Nothing more than uninformed preconceived notions about him.

THIS IS STUPID. Why can’t people reserve judgement beyond appearances? He did NOTHING WRONG and people still hated and judged him.

Enough ranting for now. Let’s continue watching.

Section 3: (takes place after scene 12)

And again we see that the vampire has done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG. ALL HE’S DOING IS GROCERY SHOPPING! Even so, we see a person who can’t even be in the same aisle out of fear. The cashier can’t do her job just because he is her next customer. Instead, she feels the need to complain to her manager. Seriously? GET OVER YOURSELVES! HE HAS DONE NOTHING WRONG! HE DESERVES THE SAME AMOUNT OF RESPECT AS ANYONE ELSE WHO IS A PROPER CUSTOMER!

The fact that we can AND STILL DO define people based on race is unacceptable. People need to learn to treat people for who they are, not for the color of their skin.

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Artist Visit: Katie Waugh


On October 6, 2017 artist Katie Waugh presented her show Reiterations at the Bret Llewellyn Gallery in the Engineering Technology Building on SUNY Alfred State College campus. In creating the pieces for this show, Katie used a Mamiya RV 67 camera with custom backing. She used medium format film and created 3D printed masks to insert within the camera’s dark slide slot. This allowed her to use the negative space created by said masks to composite images within the camera itself. A good deal of this show was shot at Cayuga Lake. One goal of her work is to reframe from the traditional rectangle frame. Also, since Katie is adverse to viewing something only once, her work is shot using multiple angles and exposures.

Katie’s interest in structural collapse as a system is what led her to develop a new framework to use when creating her imagery. Many of the images depicted had an element of water or a sunset. By choosing these as a subject matter, Katie is breaking down the images to determine why people are attracted to these visuals. She relates this to the idea of the “romantic sublime,” which is the idea that these visuals create the strongest emotional response in an individual viewing them (Katie related this to the sensation of the vastness of the sky and water in comparison to the individual feeling small). In addition to examining the structurally unsound, Katie is interested in easily broken systems and the haphazard fixes that are applied to them. Questions that Katie asks herself often while working are as followed: “What are the assumptions of photographic representation? How much can I get out of a single image?” Overall, the construction of Katie’s pieces are carefully considered and meticulously planned before execution. Katie said this about her work: “the image is in charge.”


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Senior Studio Project 1 Journal 5

Animated Sequence Links

Scene 7:

Scene 9:

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The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter Character Design

For these characters, my inspiration came from the Japanese story Taketori Monogatari, known in english as The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter. The characters I am representing here are the narrator, Kaguya Hime, the old man, and the old woman. The narrator in my mine is suave and mysterious. Kaguya Hime is a little dramatic but elegant. The old man in hard working and diligent. The old woman is kind and peaceful. I chose to update the characters in this piece to be more around the 2000s. To unify all of them, I started with a tear drop shaped head as a basis and used flowers for hair or hats to help distinguish the silhouettes and lend to their personalities. Between drafts, I changed the body shapes of all the characters to be more dissimilar from each other. I also changed the poses of each character to make their personalities more distinct and create a more interesting silhouette. In terms of animation, the bodies themselves wouldn’t be difficult to animate. The detail in the flower head pieces would be difficult to replicate quickly during animation.

NarratorNarrator SilhouetteKaguya HimeKaguya Hime SilhouetteOld ManOld Man SilhouetteOld WomanOld Woman Silhouette

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Senior Studio Project I Journal 4

Animation Progress (Scrapped)


New Storyboard


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Senior Studio Project 1 Journal 3

Revised Logline: A young vampire struggles to change the negative perceptions of his kind.


Lead Character (the vampire)

Name: Mathias

Age: 125

Personality: Dramatic, Sociable, Amiable

Flaws: a little overly-dramatic

Strengths: positive, doesn’t give up

Appeal: Rather than allow stereotype label him, Mathias actively tries to change people’s perceptive.

Description: With supernatural creatures makes the public aware of them, Mathias now faces the negative social stigma created for vampires by the media (which calls him a blood-sucker and a seducer). Rather than succumb to the label he was given, Mathias instead is trying to create awareness and fight the stereotype.

Supporting Character

Name: Sitala

Age: 24

Hair: short, curly, black

Eyes: dark brown

Body Type: thin, a little short

Skin: tan

Personality: Sweet, Considerate, Shy

Flaws: has trouble putting her thoughts into words

Strengths: willing to give people a chance, doesn’t believe in stereotypes

Appeal: Rather than brush someone off for being different, Sitala gives people a chance to show who they really are.

Description: Being of Native American descent, Sitala understands how it feels to be stereotyped and judged by race. When the supernatural made themselves known to the public, Sitala vowed to not judge any of them by appearance and reputation and to instead work toward the equality they are seeking.


Additional Character Design






New Storyboard


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Senior Project I All Preproduction Work

Log line: A lovesick vampire struggles to find the best way to woo his beloved.

Mood Board

Character Design and Color Palette Tests

Background Sketch


Storyboard Sketches


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