Senior Project I All Preproduction Work

Log line: A lovesick vampire struggles to find the best way to woo his beloved.

Mood Board

Character Design and Color Palette Tests

Background Sketch


Storyboard Sketches


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Schedule for Senior Project I Production Draft 2


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Senior Project I Journal Entry 2

Log line for new idea: A lovesick vampire struggles to find the best way to woo his beloved.

Mood Board

Character Design and 1st color palette

1 scene from Story Boarding:

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Reality Practice Notes

Reality Practice was a lecture given by Alfred Alumni artist Desiree Des. Since graduation, she has worked with places such as Printed Matter (which is dedicated to artist book forms), Electronic Arts Intermix (a nonprofit organization dedicated to the distribution and preservation of art), 14×48 (a program sponsored by Fractured Atlas dedicated to repurposing vacant billboards to create showing opportunities for artists) as well as jobs archiving and working for a fashion photography company.

Some of her projects from Alfred include painting balloons sky blue and placing them in a field in a grid pattern (mad the hills appear to have holes in them) and borrowing fans to arrange them with descriptions to imitate social activity.

Desiree eventually went back to school to earn a masters degree within Library Sciences and afterward was inspired to continue practicing art from a viewpoint of social interaction.

Some of her more recent pieces include her puzzle set where four puzzles are created and cut interchangeably and all the pieces are in a single box. The challenge of the piece is sorting the pieces out correctly and completing assembly. These puzzles would usually be worked on by multiple people at a time (including Desiree herself). The next piece is her “don’t honk if you’re horny” idea, where she originally had these words painted in her window. When this was forcibly removed, she took the piece to the streets in the form of buttons and bumper stickers, which received major support from the public. Desiree plans to expand upon this idea in the future.



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Japanese Media: Calligraphy

Japanese calligraphy, or Shodo, is the art of writing beautifully. It was typically created with the use of a bamboo brush and ink on rice paper. Line direction and beginning as well as shape of line and point and negative space all contribute to the unity and balance of a work of calligraphy. Calligraphy is also meant to not just be aesthetically pleasing, but to convey a sense of harmony, elegance, and wisdom. In essence, calligraphy conveys the balance of Yin and Yang as well as what the written word is representing.

There are three different styles of Shodo.

Kaisho: lines written one after another; written distinctively and with confidence; smooth; form is very carefully controlled and angular.


Gyosho: writing is done more quickly; less focus on angularity and more on rounded corners.


Sosho: lines are written very quickly; high energy; more akin to cursive handwriting in its style.



My Calligraphy Piece


When creating this piece, I used Strathmore sketch paper and Plakkaatverf Gouache black paint. I was hoping to emulate the Kaisho style of calligraphy, but the result ended up more like the Gyosho style. Instead of using the Japanese characters of kanji, here I used katakana to write my first name (which is read here as jazumin). While the strokes are not as smooth as I would have liked, I feel there is an almost antique vibe from my piece that I enjoy.

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Schedule for Senior Project I Production Draft 1


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Senior Studio Project I Journal 1

What do I want to be doing a year from now? What do I need in my portfolio to get there?

In the future, I hope to be doing 2D animation for either animated shows or feature length films. Ideally, I would be doing character animation rather than environment or object animation. In order to pursue this line of work, I need to have a large number of short animated pieces in various styles.

What is the best piece I’ve ever made?

In terms of animation, the best piece I have made was a short GIF of a girl made of water doing arm movements. I utilized rotoscope in creating the piece and I feel that the flow of the piece is timed well and the arcs created add more vertical dimension to the canvas. Below is the aforementioned GIf.


Log Lines And Mood Boards

  1. A spirit affiliated with the three wise monkeys struggles to understand how people can live without their senses.

Logline 1 Mood Board

2. A middle-aged man struggles to escape a forgotten city after falling into a cavern during a solo-hike through a canyon.

Logline 2 Mood Board.jpg

3. A quarter struggles to accept a life locked away in a safe when it would rather travel the country through various transactions.

Logline 3 Mood Board.jpg

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