Literary Adaption Rough Edit

This is the rough form of my literary adaption of the poem Heart to Heart by Rita Dove. I plan to try to fix the sound design in the future, as well as to edit the individual clips to try to match the flow provided in the poem itself.

For more detail on this project, see my post for the project proposal here:

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Literary Adaptation Proposal

For this piece, I want to adapt the poem “Heart to Heart” by Rita Dove (1952). The imagery evoked in this piece for me is immediate, but at the same time Rita is stating many concepts that are not actually occurring. For my adaptation, I want to oppose this sentiment and stay true to the imagery being presented. For the portions of the poem that are less representational as a physical object, I want to allow for empty space to serve to fill the void for those spots in the video. For the most part, I want to utilize close-ups or extreme close-ups for my camera shots to embody the lines being referenced.

In terms of my shooting schedule for accomplishing the production of the piece, I would like to complete the majority of the filming itself on Wednesday and Friday, more specifically the 29th and 31st of March 2017. Monday and Tuesday prior to this would be spent gathering the materials I want to create the proper imagery and testing and preparing them for the actual filming.

The below video clips show the location where I intend to film my piece.


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After Effects Practice: Transparency

This is a simple video to show a little practice with using masks within After Effects in order to create transparency between layers.

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Satire Surreal Film V2

For this slightly different version of my critique of the beauty myth, I decided to focus on a more specific portion of the body that women usually seem to have a problem with. Even though the character looks fine, she does not believe that she has an ideal figure and decides to do some self correction the quick way. In the end, she harmed herself and her reflection has not changed.

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Performance Animation

This project was about taking an audio clip and turning it in my own animation conveying the phonemes of speech being used and the emotions within the dialogue. Below is my character sheet and the video itself.

Original Show: Scorpion

Name: Sanya
Emotions: Sadness, Longing
Age: 25
Weaknesses: low self-esteem, has trouble sharing feelings
Need: She needs to gain a better opinion of herself if she wants others to reciprocate her feelings
Desire: She wants to win the love of a long-time friend
Values: companionship, reliability

Animation: 2D digital
Dialogue: “Think about … how important you are to me.”

Story: Sanya’s childhood friend, whom she has fallen in love with, has been thinking about moving out of state. In a last effort to convince him to stay, Sanya visits his apartment one night and tells him how she feels.

Video Link



  • The looking down shot should have a pause.
  • The phonemes should match up more with the audio (especially in terms of annunciation)
  • “O” needs to hold out longer
  • stronger “t”
  • “ah” needs to be larger
  • more prominent “P”
  • “you are” was lost
  • towards the end some phonemes are missing and the words get lost a little
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After Effects Composite Practice

This is just a simple practice of compositing an image in After Effects with a parallax-type motion.


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Satire/Surreal Film

My idea for this project revolves around the beauty myth, putting emphasis on how society expects women to use a ridiculous amount of time each day to achieve the “ideal appearance.”

In order to really critique the process of beautifying oneself, I allowed for a very large time gap between the beginning and end of the piece.

The relevance in reference to a meeting time refers to how pushing women to be so conscientious about appearances takes away any power they may try to reach for in a real world environment.

In terms of the sudden fades to black scattered throughout, I wanted to achieve the feeling of a blink. I chose to time these fades with the blinking shown by the character on film to create the sense that not only is someone watching what is happening but also sharing a more personal connection with the character. The blinking for the first person perspective puts the viewer into that place and makes them feel how ridiculous it is to need to constantly keep up appearances and staying up to date with society’s idea of beauty.

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