Senior Studio Project II Preproduction


Examples of Final Images:


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Work Calendar for February-May 2018 Second Draft


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Online Portfolio Reviews


  • doesn’t convey an artistic sense or design
  • grey font showing what the large font discusses blends into the background and is small enough to be easily overlooked
  • doesn’t specific aspects of his designs or what he helped design for his clients
  • can only learn the artist’s credentials by email or phone
  • the preview of the folio happens too quickly to properly view/analyze the artist’s work
  • the first indication of the artist’s style or work is on the WIP page
  • the pictures on the WIP page could have more even spacing in their respective columns
  • contact info is clickable and takes you to software your computer has to use the info.

Velvet Spectrum (Luke Choice)            

  • consistent navigation
  • pretty consistent color design
  • immediately shows examples of the artist’s work, which when clicked on expands and shows the image larger as well as other images in the collection
  • logo (or at least the font directly below the logo) would benefit from being a little larger

a dandypunk        

  • immediately visible branding and design
  • minimal outward links to show some work or related content (only one)
  • consistent navigation
  • while an interesting design element, the wording for typical functions on an artist site such as the artist statement and their work/gallery is not immediately recognizable (for example, the description of the artist is called ‘ego’)

Femme Fatale       

  • juicy site in terms of visuals (even no interactions with the site have visuals), especially on the home page
  • color scheme on the project page could be more appealing if limited to fewer colors or even remaining  grey scale
  • design is stylized and flows nicely
  • gives good detail on the artists’ inspirations/influences
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Work Calendar for January-May 2018 First Draft

Calendar Attachment: 2018-calendar

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Senior Studio Project I Finished Piece

Animation Link:

This piece is talking about how groundless and based on preconceived notions that discrimination is. In this case, I am talking specifically about racial discrimination.

To represent the issue, I chose to utilize the analogy of a vampire to represent minorities. The factors why this character is being discriminated against come from the establishment in older films (such as the Bela Lugosi version of Dracula) of vampires being a force of defilement or corruption. The supporting figures in this piece recognize this as a part of the vampire’s history and thus look at him with disgust and fear.

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Japanese Media Final Project



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