Online Portfolio Reviews


  • doesn’t convey an artistic sense or design
  • grey font showing what the large font discusses blends into the background and is small enough to be easily overlooked
  • doesn’t specific aspects of his designs or what he helped design for his clients
  • can only learn the artist’s credentials by email or phone
  • the preview of the folio happens too quickly to properly view/analyze the artist’s work
  • the first indication of the artist’s style or work is on the WIP page
  • the pictures on the WIP page could have more even spacing in their respective columns
  • contact info is clickable and takes you to software your computer has to use the info.

Velvet Spectrum (Luke Choice)            

  • consistent navigation
  • pretty consistent color design
  • immediately shows examples of the artist’s work, which when clicked on expands and shows the image larger as well as other images in the collection
  • logo (or at least the font directly below the logo) would benefit from being a little larger

a dandypunk        

  • immediately visible branding and design
  • minimal outward links to show some work or related content (only one)
  • consistent navigation
  • while an interesting design element, the wording for typical functions on an artist site such as the artist statement and their work/gallery is not immediately recognizable (for example, the description of the artist is called ‘ego’)

Femme Fatale       

  • juicy site in terms of visuals (even no interactions with the site have visuals), especially on the home page
  • color scheme on the project page could be more appealing if limited to fewer colors or even remaining  grey scale
  • design is stylized and flows nicely
  • gives good detail on the artists’ inspirations/influences
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