Title Sequence

This project was inspired by the Fauvist art movement and by the genre of Thriller. The Fauvist art movement is characterized by emphasis on texture and composition over representation while Thrillers use suspense as a way to attract interest. For this project, I decided to allude to to a crime thriller. In choosing my color palette, I wanted to use red as the main color to amp up the sense of suspense by using highly saturated versions of the color. I chose to use blues to help the red stand out more and create a more dramatic feel to the piece. In terms of using Fauvism as inspiration, I chose to incorporate the texture aspect to the style of the piece to make it feel smooth but with rougher edges.

In terms of improvement, I could have been more careful in separating out my layers so as to avoid the problem of the masking out of the separate layers being seen. To fix this, I could go back and draw the images out in separate layers beforehand to avoid needing to mask them out in the same way.

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