Obstructions Final

This project is about the process of creating a film with a set number of rules to follow.

First obstructions: sci-fi, space, green, guardian.

With these in mind, I wanted to handle the obstructions of genre, color and archetype in setting up the character with space being related to the environment. I tried to create a loosely sci-fi type costume for the character with utilizing the greens in the form of strips of green on an otherwise darkly-clothed character. The character is a guardian in that she is protecting the path forward on the road. Space is meant to be seen with a good distance between the character and the surrounding trees.

Second obstructions:

Genre Switch: Adventure

Antagonist Archetype: Pilgrim

Situational Conflict: Emerging Desires

For this piece, I wanted to create the sense that the viewer has travelled to the past in the sense that the main character is different. In terms of the antagonist archetype, I wanted the character to, in a way, be their own enemy. The “Pilgrim” is another way of describing the “Explorer” archetype. Therefore, I wanted this character to be at odds with the original one in that she is more of an intruder to the natural environment in this situation instead of being its guardian like in the first part of the film series. The emerging desires aspect of this alludes again to the character in the first film in that the character for this scene is beginning the transition to that character after finding the mysterious staff in the middle of the woods. The character already had an interest in nature, and the staff stands as a metaphor for the forest claiming her.

Final obstruction: 

Resolution: Rejection

For the last phase of this project, I needed to resolve the story through some form of rejection. I chose to have the Pilgrim character go through a painful process for the beginning of her transformation. Rather than accept the process and become a part of the forest, she, out of fear, throws down the staff and flees from the area. Rather than acknowledge the unknown and adapt, she chooses to stay with comfort and what she already knows.

Speaking of improvements that could be made to the film, there was some glitch effect that remained in the video after encoding that I could not figure out to fix. Ideally, I would possibly re-film with a different camera so as to avoid the issue all together. Also, I probably could have worked with color correction more to make the middle part of the film mesh together better. As it is, the fact that I filmed in different weather conditions for those scenes is something that could be addressed more fully either by more fine-tuning with color correction or by re-filming in weather with similar lighting. In the future, I may try to stray away from a solo-produced film so as to get more interesting camera angles and camera shots.

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