Film Obstructions 2

Genre Switch: Adventure

Antagonist Archetype: Pilgrim

Situational Conflict: Emerging Desires

For this piece, I wanted to create the sense that the viewer has travelled to the past in the sense that the main character is different. In terms of the antagonist archetype, I wanted the character to, in a way, be their own enemy. The “Pilgrim” is another way of describing the “Explorer” archetype. Therefore, I wanted this character to be at odds with the original one in that she is more of an intruder to the natural environment in this situation instead of being its guardian like in the first part of the film series. The emerging desires aspect of this alludes again to the character in the first film in that the character for this scene is beginning the transition to that character after finding the mysterious staff in the middle of the woods. The character already had an interest in nature, and the staff stands as a metaphor for the forest claiming her.

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