Living Composition

This project involves taking a 2D image of my own creation and giving it some simple animation within After Effects. For my image, I decided to first start off with hands as the focal point to show my fascination and interest in hands as a study of the human figure. I have always been interested to see how many different ways hands can position themselves, and I understand how little people realize their importance in everyday life. These are the reasons why I made them the most prominent feature of the image. In regards to the flowers, I wanted them to in a way contrast the human element with a more naturalist essence. Human kind tends to be destructive toward nature in general, and I want the juxtaposition of the hands and flowers to loosely tie back to that idea and server to balance each other. This is also why I chose to have the hands appear larger within the animated sequence and to allow the flowers to fade out for portions of it.

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