Satire/Surreal Film

My idea for this project revolves around the beauty myth, putting emphasis on how society expects women to use a ridiculous amount of time each day to achieve the “ideal appearance.”

In order to really critique the process of beautifying oneself, I allowed for a very large time gap between the beginning and end of the piece.

The relevance in reference to a meeting time refers to how pushing women to be so conscientious about appearances takes away any power they may try to reach for in a real world environment.

In terms of the sudden fades to black scattered throughout, I wanted to achieve the feeling of a blink. I chose to time these fades with the blinking shown by the character on film to create the sense that not only is someone watching what is happening but also sharing a more personal connection with the character. The blinking for the first person perspective puts the viewer into that place and makes them feel how ridiculous it is to need to constantly keep up appearances and staying up to date with society’s idea of beauty.

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