Interactive Media Final Project Assets

This project came about as a personified interpretation of the solar system we live in. The narrative of the game follows Pluto, the former planet who only wants to regain admittance to the solar system as a planet. In order to achieve this goal, Pluto tries to convince the other planets of his worth by completing tasks for them. However, some of the planets are firm in their belief that Pluto should not regain his position and will not grant him the vote to do so. The Sun serves as the judge of the universe, and in the end he will be the one to either leave or accept Pluto back into planethood.

The game involves a mini-game mechanic based on movement to complete the tasks assigned by the various planets. Some examples of this would be speed challenges, accuracy challenges (such as passing through rings) and collection challenges (picking up objects like asteroids). As I mentioned earlier, some of the planets are unwilling to help and therefore do not even offer a mini-game opportunity to convince themselves otherwise.

For this project, I was in charge of character design and personality. To determine the personality, I referenced the Myers-Briggs model for personality and assigned each planet the letter values according to what each planet represented through the Roman pantheon of gods. I used this research to influence my designs as well. The idea was to personify the planets in a way that is comical. In deciding these designs, I played with the idea of either leaving them as spheres or adding bodies to them. In the end, my partners and I decided that the spherical designs worked better for the purpose of this project.

In the final modeled and textured version of the characters, I managed to keep a semblance of the style I used in my original drawings while incorporating a more realistic aspect in the choice of textures by mimicking the planet’s actual surfaces.

The attached PDF file indicates the research I did and how I assigned the personalities of the planets and a web address to the place where I got the personality descriptions.





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