Interaction Review 2

Konbini Story — mobile

The experience I juiced my adding audio to a successful match. Also, when you satisfy a person’s want, they will disappear and someone will move up to take their place. Even when not inputing any action, the want of the person floats up and down for a small amount of animation. Remain idle for too long and a cursor will pop up somewhere within the action field to indicate an action that the player can take. For the actions themselves, there is an immediate interaction with the objects being switched moving. With a successful match, there is the sound and a number floats over each matched object to indicate the points received from the interaction.

The juiciness could be pushed further by emphasizing the animation for when objects are collected (animation to show the collection of the items is more dramatic and displayed bigger). Also, for the customers at the top of the screen, they could have more movement when standing in place and when they are checking out.

Elder Scrolls Online

This game is incredibly juicy. For every action that can be inputed, there is a sound effect and some kind of animation accompanying it. Opening menus has it’s own sound, and the player’s character turns to look at the player of screen. Even when not inputing a function, the character is animated (he/she will play with a piece of equipment, the body will move slightly to indicate breathing). Enemy characters will also move around before being engaged. When they notice you, they will prepare to attack and red lines above their heads indicate that they see you. There is also a musical element to indicate that you are seen, and the music becomes more animated and intense when you enter combat. At times there will be music just for atmosphere, and at times there is no music and only sounds of creatures and the player moving around.

This game would be hard-pressed to make more juicy, but some opportunities for this would be when the character is putting on a costume (show the actual process rather than a general motion), and to create a custom animation for gathering different variations of items (such as different mining motions for different ores, different motions for collecting various plants). Basically, the animations could be more in depth to show a more realistic representation of the action being portrayed rather than the largely simplified motion that is currently used for many actions.

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