Still Life



This project was a challenge for me to create a still life that represents my interests or who I am using Maya 2017 and the Arnold rendering system. I chose to use some headphones, a Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 Players Handbook, and a set of dice for this. The headphones represents my love for music while the book and dice represent my love of roleplaying games and how I have mainly spent my free time as of late.

The first image here shows the reference shot I took. I did not want the background fabric to be the main focus, so I chose a simple texture to represent it. However, the shaping of it was a little more important since that would determine how my objects sat in the frame.

Rather than trying to match my lighting exactly to my reference image, I decided to try for a more dynamic lighting by having less of it shine directly on my items. This allowed for the appearance to have more contrast and to allow for some highlights to be the force that allows you to see the shape of the headphones.

If there were anything I would like to change on this image, it would be the lighting on the dice. In my reference image, there is an appealing reflectivity that I did not capture in my finished piece. While I do overall think that the lighting I have created is appropriate in this image, I feel I could have defined the lighting on the dice a little better.

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