Juiciness Game Assets

The following images are assets that I have designed for this project, before and after the idea for the project was changed.



This first image was from the first concept of the game, in which the character would start off as a young adult exploring a factory. This narrative would follow the character’s life working at the factory, and the environment would change in accordance to decisions the player made during play. The game would have continued until the character reached old age and the factory was shut down. The two drawings on the right represent the starting age of the character (about 20 years old), with there being an option for the player to be male or female. The drawings on the right represent a possible appearance for the characters after they had aged. All four characters were drawn without faces in order to allow a player to identify more closely by imagining themselves in the character’s position.


As our project idea changed from a narrative to a more juicy game, we ended up deciding on a cave-like environment. Therefore, it made sense to have a miner as the player character to provide a reason for the character to be there and the knowledge to know how to use the drill to dig their way out. This character was drawn as a faceless character to keep the idea of allowing the player to identify more closely with the character. At the same time, I chose to draw typical miner clothes on the character so it could be immediately identifiable as a miner. As for the drill, using an every day drill that you may see at a construction site did not seem appropriate as a design for a drill meant to dig your way out of the ground. Therefore, I decided to go for a larger design for the drill head more akin to a drilling vehicle.


This image was for a potential object in the environment: an oil can. The idea behind this was that you would have to pick up oil in the environment in order to keep the drill running to dig your way out.


These tools were other potential items to consider adding to the environment. If the player tried to drill through something not able to be drilled for too long, the drill would break down and you would have to use these tools to get it up and running again.


This is a colored version of the oil canister for how it would look if it were to be used in the game.


Here is a colored version of the miner character. He is wearing bright orange to distinguish him from the background in an immediately obvious way.


Here is the walking motion for the miner character before color is added. The idea was to create a simple motion that would not overly distract the player from what is going on in the environment.


Here is the colored version of the walk animation before any drill movement is added.


Here the drill is lightly animated to appear as if it is turning slowly in the character’s hand.


This is an image to represent how the character would look when the Android device is tilted downward. The image below shows the same idea for when the character is looking up.



This animation serves to represent the character’s attempt at restarting the drill after it stops.

The following two images would potentially appear at the end of a game session. The first image shows the character, who has managed to dig his way out of the mine and can one again enjoy the light of day. The second image depicts the character if he cannot find the exit or if he is stopped by something in the environment. With this ending, he is forever trapped in the darkness of the cave.





The sound linked below is meant to serve as an indication of the character interacting with an object in the environment. For example, this sound would play as the character picks up a lamp to temporarily banish the darkness.

Sound Link: https://vimeo.com/190901875

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