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Interaction Review 2

Konbini Story — mobile The experience I juiced my adding audio to a successful match. Also, when you satisfy a person’s want, they will disappear and someone will move up to take their place. Even when not inputing any action, … Continue reading

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Still Life

This project was a challenge for me to create a still life that represents my interests or who I am using Maya 2017 and the Arnold rendering system. I chose to use some headphones, a Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 Players … Continue reading

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Juiciness Game Assets

The following images are assets that I have designed for this project, before and after the idea for the project was changed.   This first image was from the first concept of the game, in which the character would start … Continue reading

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Sound Project

For this video, I was challenged to create my own audio track. I was then to create a video response to the sounds I had incorporated. I started off the process of putting together this video with the painted lamp … Continue reading

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