Interactive Media Project 3 Concept/Description

I intend to use this as an opportunity to illustrate some riddles. For the drawings themselves, there will be simple lines used to create an image to represent a line of the riddle. They will most likely be white lines on a black background.

In terms of the interaction, the player will be in a completely black space. They will be manipulating a glowing orb that is floating above the ground. The player will have to wander around the space and will eventually encounter a different glowing orb within the environment. When the player touches this orb of light, it will glow brighter and beams of light will shoot off of it, indicating the direction of other orbs in the area connected to it. These lines of light will disappear after shooting off of the orb unless any other connecting orb is already activated.

Once all of the orbs in the environment are interacted with, the perspective will gradually shift from a more over-the-shoulder shot to a birds-eye view of all the orbs and the connecting lines. This will reveal the image(s) representative of the riddle for that particular piece.

I would like to illustrate 10 different riddles that the player can explore. This piece will be intended to be more thought provoking, so the answers will not be given and the player will be left wondering about the connections of the images displayed.

The following images are examples of the style for the drawings and the layout of where the orbs would be in the space.

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