Interactive Media Project 2 Asset Progress

Assets Currently Created 

Obstacle 1 – Desk: At the first level, this will be the only obstacle other than the first enemy. In later levels, there will be more located in the play area as well as another obstacle, which the player will have to move around while avoiding the enemies to complete the level.


Player Character: This character will be smaller than one enemy character, but larger than another. This character and both enemy characters were created in the Adobe software Fuse.

Enemy Character 1: This character will be the largest object in the scene.

First Level Basic Layout: For the first level, there will be only one obstacle and one enemy character that the player has to avoid. The goal will be a door located within the room, which will be set up like a classroom. The door will always be in the same location and the player will always start at the same point.


Assets Still Needed

The first asset that I need to create would be the second enemy character. I need to finalize the look I want in order to proceed. The next asset would be the goal: the door. I have already chosen a reference image, so all I need to do is a quick model of it. Then I would need to model the next obstacle, which is a simple chair to match the desk. Next would be textures for the door, the chair and desk, and the classroom walls (the character models should have textures already prepared).

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