Interaction Review 1

Play a game I could play forever: Bubble Shooter 5 on Facebook

How am I interacting with it?

Interactions involve moving my mouse. Besides moving it, the only other action is left-clicking.

Physical Reactions/Effects they create?

There is not much physical reaction. Slight movements of the wrist are enough to move the mouse, which aims where you will be shooting the bubble. Clicking the left mouse fires the bubble. However, even if you do not move the mouse and left click, after about 10 seconds a sound alerts the player accompanying a count down from three, after which the bubble automatically fires wherever you are aimed.

Timing between actions and effects?

The actions occur immediately in-game with the physical interactions with the mouse. The only delayed effect comes from no left click interaction with the mouse, and this happens after about 13 seconds total.

Reward for simple/complex actions?

There are not really any complex actions in terms of physical interaction with the game. Trying for a more difficult angle in shooting the bubble can either make a successful match or a miss. The same could be said about simple actions. A successful match drops any matched pieces and any not attached to another piece of the board.


Play a game that frustrates me: Elder Scrolls Online

How am I interacting with it?

I interact with it through buttons on my laptop’s keyboard and a mouse.

Physical Reactions/Effects they create?

To make something happen in-game, all I need to do is press a button or click the mouse. I can even influence the game with just moving the mouse (which causes the camera to rotate so you can look around your character). Left clicking pulls out your weapon and does a basic attack. Pressing up to a certain number creates different attacks. Certain other keys on the keyboard opens a different menu to interact with, or will allow the character to interact with something in the environment.

Timing between actions and effects?

As long as the game is not lagging, actions occur immediately after activated.

What frustrates me about interacting with the game?

Game lag is the most frustrating part of playing this game, as it can cause an extreme problem with action syncing. Movements or attacks may not display promptly, which can cause your character’s death. The player can even be kicked from the game if the lag is severe enough.

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