Interactive Design Assignment 6 Research

For this assignment, I plan on making my own online portfolio. I hope to include projects in this site from the last 2 years of my college career. The audience for this site would include my peers and people in a more professional environment (i.e. potential employers). Therefore, the age range is likely but not limited to the following: from age 18 to 50.

Site Example 1:!me/c854

For this site, she has done well in creating consistent navigation throughout her pages, and her navigation is simple and easy to use. All of her pages have the same color scheme and are made to be uncluttered. She breaks up her text with the inclusion of images to make her pages more visually interesting. Some things she could improve upon are consistency within the pages themselves. None of her pages have the same layout as any of the others. Another difference is the way in which some of the text is graphically designed. Overall, she has managed to capture a level of professionalism while also putting some creative design into her site.

Site Example 2:

Again, there is consistent navigation between pages on this site that is easy to use. Her overall color scheme of black and white helps to establish a professional feeling. With the page listing her works, the separate rectangles help to create more interesting visuals and add some needed color to the page. Within the pages of her portfolio, the back button is always in the same location so it is easy to locate. The pages that relate to short films are designed consistently as well, with the video presented then the development panels following. This site would be better if all of the pages had the same kind of design, and it would benefit with more color on her resume and contact pages.

Site Example 3:

This artist establishes a consistent color scheme of a navy blue and white. She immediately presents a logo for herself, which is clearly identifiable and has the potential to be easily recognized. Her color theme extends on to her photography and about me page, although as a reverse as what is seen on the main page. Things that would improve this site’s design is to keep the arrangement of colors the same on all pages as well as making all of them consistent in the way they are laid out. Also, a back button would help to make the site more convenient for the user.


In my site, I hope to create the same kind of professional feel that these other sites have obtained, while at the same time adding a bit of my own sense of design to it. I hope to potentially design a logo for myself like in site 3 and to keep a consistent navigation bar, most likely at the top of the page like in the first two sites. In terms of browser interaction, I would like to make a contact page like on the first site so that anyone interested in my work or anyone with questions can get a hold of me.

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