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This gallery piece involves a more abstract display. Each mat shows an animated line being drawn from a point on the canvas. Different colors are used to inspire different feelings in the viewer. As a neutral state, there is a more subdued animated line being displayed.

For this project, I created the blue animated line, first as a gif. I then handled the coding for my gif and organized all of the other group members coding into one file. I also handled any extra coding required (such as the set-up for the coding to work from).

In terms of the interactivity, ours was simple but fairly understandable. When you step on a mat, the animation corresponding to that mat is displayed, although maybe with a delay. For the most part, the audience can stand back and watch as the animation is played (as long as they stand on the mat) until they would like to see the next one.



int numFrames = 11;
int frame = 0;
PImage[] images = new PImage[numFrames];
long timer;
float framespeed = 120.00;

void setup () {
size (1000,755);

timer = millis();
imageMode (CENTER);


void draw ()

if ((keyPressed == true) && (key == ‘1’)){
images[0] = loadImage(“0.png”);
images[1] = loadImage(“1.png”);
images[2] = loadImage(“2.png”);
images[3] = loadImage(“3.png”);
images[4] = loadImage(“4.png”);
images[5] = loadImage(“5.png”);
images[6] = loadImage(“6.png”);
images[7] = loadImage(“0.png”);
images[8] = loadImage(“0.png”);
images[9] = loadImage(“0.png”);
images[10] = loadImage(“0.png”);

background (0);
if (millis() – timer > framespeed) {
timer = millis();
frame ++;
if (frame == numFrames) {
frame = 0;

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