Data Visualization Design Draft

My idea for this data visualization, as you can see below, is to imagine the information like a web. Since a lot of information is in a way interconnected, I wanted to show that here. Each line is its own form, yet at the same time touches every other line on the canvas; they all have a relationship to each other, provided by the center point and the curved lines radiating out from it. I chose to stick in a blue palate as an interpretation of the way information is spread today. Mostly information is now exchanged through technology, which —if you ask me— is a rather cold way of doing so. The process has been depersonalized since you can access this through a computer or even a smart phone from anywhere, without having to talk with someone to do so. The gifs included on this page represent how you would examine the specific data you want. The icon would move to that area, then there may be a zoom or window change to allow you to see the information more clearly.

Function Specification

int1 = x-axis value

int2 = y-asix value

float = line being used

string = shape being used (at specific location listed by x and y values)

bool = changes between sets of shapes (1 for first set of 4, 0 for second set of 4)


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