Emotion Change Animation

Video Link

Character Sheet: Emotion Change Character Sheet


My character has broken into a wealthy family’s house, and is in a room reserved for the family safe that contains the household’s most valuable possessions.

Self Critique

During the arm stretch, the arm movement is shaky and not as smooth as it could be. My character would have benefitted from more exaggeration of the facial expressions so that her devious smile in the beginning and her fearful expression at the end were more noticeable. There is a slight rapid movement of the right leg at the end that could be fixed. In terms of what I did well, I made sure to keep most of the body moving (even if there was no large movement) to take away a robotic feel. Again, my animation would be better if I had more exaggerated movement.

Class Critique

  • finger cracking nice touch— shows change in emotion well
  • nice transition between motions (little twitchy at times)
  • looking back adds to the story
  • knee slides around
  • neck/head turned too much— use torso more to show the turn
  • pause with the look over the shoulder will help with the emotion change (short pause will work;need time for brain to register emotion change) — creates contrast
  • eyes lead head motion
  • watch arcs


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