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The character for this animation is Hitoshi Masaru, a 16-year-old Japanese male. He has short black hair and brown eyes, and is thin yet lean. Hitoshi grew up in a high-class, successful household. With this being the case, he has had the opportunity to pursue almost anything that he has been interested in. He has gone on to skip a munger of years in school and is now studying at Harvard University, in pursuit of a Ph.D in business. In his spare time, Hitoshi practices playing a variety of musical instruments, with his favorite being the violin, and reading anything he can get his hands on.

Hitoshi has four living relatives: his mother and father, his older sister, and his grandfather. His older sister Ayame has graduated from the Academy of Art University and now assists their mother, Seiko, in her fashion company. Hitoshi’s father, Yasahiro, runs a large corporation dedicated to producing the finest literature possible. Hitoshi hopes to one day follow in his father’s footsteps and take over the company when his father retires. Hitoshi does not know much about his grandfather other than the fact that he is constantly traveling. He will often receive postcards and souvenirs from the last place that his grandfather had visited.

Since Hitoshi is younger than the other students, he hasn’t really made any friends at school. However, he does keep in touch with his childhood friends from Japan, Yoshi Kazue and Tatsuo Seiichi.

Hitoshi is a relatively reserved individual. He is very quiet and thoughtful, and generally keeps his feelings to himself. He becomes more expressive when playing music or discussing literature.

Since his father has a business in literature, Hitoshi has been surrounded by books his entire life, which led to a love of reading and books in general. Some day, Hitoshi hopes to take over his father’s business to produce books that could give others the same amount of joy he had received his entire life from reading.

Hitoshi’s flaws include trouble communicating his feelings to others, as well as being a bit of a loner and awkward in purely social situations. He is without a doubt strong academically. Hitoshi is more adept in social situations where he is relaying information or helping someone with an academic problem. While communication can be hard for him, he is a great listener and can give helpful advice when necessary. While Hitoshi is more reserved, he is willing to help others in spite of his social awkwardness and is intelligent enough to find a solution to most problems.


In this scene, Hitoshi just got out of class and is waiting for a bus to take him from campus grounds.


Overall, I feel that my animation was smooth. My intentions were for a subtle look of impatience, and I feel like I achieved that through the small movements of the body after the arm cross. For improvement, I could have animated the arms to not appear to be clipping a little bit. I also could exaggerate the facial animation more so that the expressions I had animated would be more clear.

Class Critique

  • All of the movement is very, very smooth. Great job
  • The arms clip a tiny bit
  • Good job on the blinking- not too fast
  • Dat arm crossing doh (nice)
  • The sync with the face change and arm crossing is on point
  • Great overall but can use some texture on morpheus
  • Smoother head motions
  • movement seems too sudden and fast
  • Conveys impatience
  • Legs/hips move too suddenly- makes it a bit choppy
  • Very nice use of emotion
  • Leg movement seems a bit odd
  • Smooth animation


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