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During this semester, I have learned a lot about the interactivity within movement. With the ball project, I learned how hitting a surface can actually cause distortions in the object if it is pliable. With animating the character rig for Norman, I saw how the human body has many counter-balances, such as with the clavicles and the hips (when one goes up, the opposite side goes down). I also learned how the body naturally follows a series of arcs and that different parts move at different speeds (such as the knees leading the feet when walking).

In terms of execution, I feel like I understand the basic motions of the human body. I was able to keep some of the counter-balancing necessary with the hips and the clavicles, although my animation may have been more appealing if I had emphasized them more. For the most part my animating has smooth arc motion within different actions, such as the falling action in my pace animation, but some movements jump around a little and are not quite as smooth as they could be. I still need to work on the use of outside objects within my animations (making sure they move realistically) and showing the effect of their weight in relation to the character’s acting.

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