Gallery Write-Up

Where: Llewellyn Gallery

When: September 3, 2015 – September 4, 2015

Presenter(s): FLATSITTER

What it was about: FLATSITTER focuses on the relation of sound, video, and programming in relation to each other. This exhibit was more about the performance or experience that the audience had. You were meant to be able to sit and tune out, or feel as if you are suspended. Clouds were a heavy inspiration for this showpiece.

What interested me: This exhibit was very interactive, in that you could effect how the light shined in the space through the fabric. I also liked how it was constantly changing and evolving, so it almost felt like a different piece each time you observed it. The inclusion of the semi-translucent curtains added to the etherial, otherworldly feel of the piece.

Applications to DMA: This project shows the exploration of how visuals and sound can influence how a person feels. In creating digital media, the ultimate goal is to influence one aspect of a person, whether it be how they think about something or how they feel. In this way, Digital Media and Animation does relate to this gallery opening.

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