Heavy Lift Animation

Animation Link

Scene Description

Norman in this animation is a treasure hunter who hit the jackpot in precious gems in an ancient dungeon. Now he must bring this bag filled almost to bursting back out with him.


I feel as if I did well creating a bit of a personality for Norman. The action of lifting moves at a nice pace and is fairly smooth. My forms could use more exaggeration at times (such as the back’s arcs) and some parts of the animation are not quite as smooth as they possibly could be. The arms are also shaky at times.

Class Critique

  • background is great
  • when first lifting the object it looks light- toward the end the object looks really heavy
  • the act of lifting and setting the basket over the head and on the shoulders seems unnatural
  • throw and catch of the gem was awkward (caught before finished throwing)
  • seems kind of slow and unnatural
  • good job trying to add extra little things
  • love the texture
  • the basket doesn’t seem heavy
  • texture is not that good, I feel like it actually takes away from your animation
  • animation is smooth
  • basket motion is nice as well
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