Pace Animation

Video File

Scene Description

In this scene, my character is walking through a site under construction. When he is not paying attention, he trips over a ladder that was left on the ground and in embarrassment turns, carefully steps back through the ladder, and runs off.


Things I believe I did well were the speed and motion of the actual fall. What I could improve upon is the actual action of turning, in regards to how the feet would move verses the body as it turns.

Class Critique

  • Love the face expression
  • The trip looks very believable
  • Norman looked like he was expecting the trip
  • Doesn’t look natural; too staged
  • Good pace during the trip, maybe a little too fast walking
  • Really nice! I love the subtle face expressions. Great recovery on the trip too. Ladder just needs to move with the foot contact. Great improvement!
  • When they start to fall, the movement is a bit slow and that makes it feel forced and unnatural.
  • Smooth animation
  • Nice expression
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