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Classmate Animation Critique 2

Animation Link The animation itself feels very expressive and gives Norman a flamboyant personality (even without facial expressions, which could have further emphasized this). There is a nice sense of anticipation before the walking starts, as well as that slow-in … Continue reading

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Pose Book Weeks 9 – 12

Week 9 was lifting, week 10 was pushing, week 11 was pulling, and week 12 was carrying. Posebook 9-12

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Research Presentation 2: Project Proposal

Presentation Link My Intentions Regarding Technical Aspects: Background: find reference images and try to create my own backgrounds Text: ADV with NVL elements Audio: find music/ sound effects online, not using voice acting Characters: 1st person POV with user as … Continue reading

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Pace Animation

Video File Scene Description In this scene, my character is walking through a site under construction. When he is not paying attention, he trips over a ladder that was left on the ground and in embarrassment turns, carefully steps back through the ladder, … Continue reading

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