Walk Cycle

Video File 


Self critique:

I feel like I did well on the movement of the legs and feet. What I could improve upon is the way in which the arms swing (matching up the arms correctly with the legs) and the way the clavicles move (when they should be up or down). as well as keeping him in one spot as he steps.

Class Critique:

  • starts slowly then speeds up somewhat dramatically
  • huge reference
  • movement of left leg looks like it goes through the other leg
  • side view looks a little odd but front view looks nice
  • could have a smoother transition
  • love the way it walks
  • SO SASSY— I’m Obsessed       *this is an interesting critique*
  • side view— lunges forward- should stay fairly centered
  • falls to the side dramatically
  • shoulders probably could move better
  • elbows need more movement too
  • the jump is a cool effect
  • left arm moves less at some points compared to the right arm
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