Showcase Response

Artists: DGMA 2015 senior class

Date: May 9, 2015

Location: Orvis Auditorium

In this showcase of the senior class, there were many videos created using a variety of materials for the animation process, from drawing to live footage. While each had its own subject matter and way of delivery, they could all be considered important to DMA as a field. These videos will be what represents these artists as they head out into the workforce, and the style implemented in each may help to determine where each person will end up as a contributor to the digital or maybe even traditional art emerging in the 21st century. The skills learned here were used to great effect, creating a response in every individual present to see each video. Whether a positive or negative impression was meant to be felt, each artist certainly has the capability to strike such a response in a person and will be prepared to do so in the future.

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