Throughout the history of art, portraits were always created. Whether commissioned by a patron or done for personal pleasure, artists have created portraits and shown the world their style and talent. Portraiture is the medium through which not only a person’s appearance is captured, but often their personality is as well.

With the image I chose for my self portrait, I was trying to show my more serious side rather than the goofy individual that I usually portray. However, that was not the main influence behind picking this image. Generally, I am uncomfortable with pictures of myself. While I do not have a poor self image, I end up being very conscious of how I look in photos and almost never like the way I look in them. I am generally a pretty carefree person, but I tend to be more conscientious with the way I look and act than I let on. This project to me was like an experiment to see if I could become more comfortable with my image. To a degree, I believe I succeeded in that regard.

Overall, I like the way that my portrait turned out. While it may not look exactly like my image, it is still very similar and clearly resembles me. The left sleeve on the image is darker than what I had created, but I prefer the lightness in my portrait because it emphasizes that there could be a light source shining on that side of my body. However, by the same argument, I could have made the left side of my face a little brighter to further emphasize a possible light source. Even so, I feel like this is a successful self portrait and shows my improvement in rendering my own image.

Portraiture has always been important in art. It can allow the viewer to have a better understand of the individual being portrayed with a different kind of intimacy than face-to-face contact. It is a good way for anyone to be expressed for how they want to be seen.

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