Bone Study


Bones are essential to any human figure. In order to truly understand the human form, you must have an understanding of how the underlying bone structure works. Knowing this can allow for proper anatomy in a figure drawing.

In my bone study, I wanted to emphasize the skull and hands. I chose these sections of the skeleton because the skull holds the brain, which is the most significant organ in the body and the hands because they are important to how we function in our everyday lives.

I chose not to do a completely realistic shading in the skull to bring the image in a more abstract direction. The hands I left white to create contrast with the dark background and to help emphasize the shading that is within the skull. While I did do some blending in this piece, I allowed the line direction to still be visible to create a more diagonal eye movement.

I included the quote “beauty is only skin deep” to signify that what we see of people on the surface is eventually irrelevant and at the end of our lives bone will be all that remains of us.

While essentially all layers within a person’s biology are important, the skeleton is undoubtedly the most important for without one we wouldn’t be able to move the way we do. Without bones, humankind as we know it would not exist.

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