Journal 8

Research: Creation Stories

Odin and Ymir (Norse)—  the world was made from the body of Ymir: his body became the earth, his blood became the sea, his bones became the rocks and crags, his hair became the trees, his skull became the sky, and his brain became the clouds.

Life from Moon and the Stars (Wakaranga)— The world came from Moon procreating with two different wives: Morningstar brought fire to the earth and gave birth to plant life and trees (the trees touched the sky and brought rain from that), while Eveningstar gave birth to goats, sheep, cows, antelopes, birds, boys and girls, lions, leopards, snakes, and scorpions.

The Moon and the Morning Star (Wichita)— Man-Never-Known-on-Earth created Man-with-the-Power-to-Carry-Light and Bright-Shining-Woman, who later taught people about bows and arrows, how to play the ball game and the shinny game, about corn and how to grow and feed people with it, as well as the double-ball game. Bright-Shining-Woman became the Moon and Man-with-the-Power-to-Carry-Light became the Morning Star.

People Drawings

person22 person23 person24

Self Portrait Potential Reference Images

1_BlackWhite 2_BlackWhite 3_BlackWhite

1_BlackWhite_changes4_BlackWhite_changes I plan on using this last image as reference for my self-portrait.

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