Character GIF


While still images can be powerful, creating a moving image really breathes life into artwork. Creating a gif for my canon character brings her from the paper into a more real perspective.

Since she is made of water, I knew that when I created this she should come from and return to as well as manipulate water during the animation. While I free handed drawing the water to give it a more flexible feel, I used reference for the body. Even though she is made of water, I wanted her to have that solid human form throughout most of the gif. At the end I allowed her physical make-up to be shown with her return to the body of water below her.

Water is free-flowing by nature, so I wanted to have a similar feeling to my character’s movements. Therefore, I wanted to make it almost seem like she was dancing, because in my experience dance is a series of graceful movements that are meant to flow together.

There are many images that have a lot of potential energy, but some benefit more from the kinetic energy of movement. Taking a static figure and allowing it to move gives more life and feeling to the work, and can make it living art.

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