Journal 4

People Drawings

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Research: Hand Positions

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Reading Notes

Chapter 7: The Six Steps

  • art is any human activity which doesn’t grow out of either of our species’ two basic instincts: survival and reproduction—— art is the way we assert our identities as individuals and break out of the narrow roles nature casts us in
  • evolution-bred instincts: provide exercise for minds/bodies no receiving outside stimulus; provide an outlet for emotional imbalances, aiding in the race’s mental survival; random activities lead to useful discoveries
  • “pure” art is essentially tied to the question of purpose—— of deciding what you want out of art
  • 1. Idea/Purpose: the impulses, the ideas, the philosophies, the purposes of the work—— the work’s “content”
  • 2. Form: i.e. bood, chalk drawing, chair, song, sculpture, pot holder, comic book, etc.
  • 3. Idiom: the “school” of art, the vocabulary of styles or gestures or subject matter, the genre that the work belongs to
  • 4. Structure: putting it all together; how to compose the work
  • 5. Craft: constructing the work; applying skills, practical knowledge, invention, problem solving; getting the “job” done
  • 6. Surface: production values, finishing; the aspects most apparent on first superficial exposure to the work


  • When you thing about it, art really is a part of our everyday lives. Even just tapping a beat out with a pencil when you are bored is a form of art, which is being used to entertain yourself.
  • I never thought about the steps to creating art before, or if I have, I didn’t think about it in depth. I never really asked myself, “why am I doing this?” It is definitely something for me to ponder.

Chapter 8: A Word About Color

  • three additive primaries: red, blue, green projected together in various combinations could reproduce every color in the visible spectrum—— added up to pure white light
  • three subtractive primaries: cyan, magenta, yellow can mix to produce any hue in the visible spectrum by filtering out light
  • black and white: ideas behind the art are communicated more directly; meaning transcends form; art approaches language
  • flat colors forms: world becomes a playground of shapes and space—— through more expressive colors, comics can become an intoxicating environment of sensations that only color can give


  • while color can be a powerful part of an image, black and white are still necessary to really breathe life in a work
  • Realism isn’t as real without the foundation that using black and white as a base provides.
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