Origami Modular Sculpture

origami_1 origami_2 origami_3 Partner: Brianna

Cubic High-rise

While modular design uses the combination of multiple units to create a finished piece, we wanted to combine our origami parts without interlocking each individual creation.

We chose to use the cube because it represents durability. The idea of contrasting a square’s stability and security with the generally weak nature of paper is what we were pursuing in creating this modular design.

The pattern of some of the cubes serve to direct the way that the eye should move along the sculpture and add to the abstraction of the piece. The lines in the pattern also serve to show the relationship of the cubes with each other.

When arranging the cubes, we went with the way that they wanted to be stacked more than how we wanted to arrange it so that the cubes’ energy could be used to resist falling over.

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