preliminary1 prelimimary2 caricature_black&white caricature_color

Redone Images: caricature_color_redone

There are many different ways to illustrate people. One such way is caricature, which involves exaggerating the body’s proportions. This can be used to emphasize a person’s most outstanding features.

For my caricature, I chose to model my designs after Al Hirschfeld and Francois Delabruyere. From Delabruyere  I chose to adapt the generously proportioned cheeks and mouth to show that I often smile and laugh. Hirschfeld gave me the idea to use a very basic  shape for my body and clothing so that I can show how I don’t consider what I wear to be important to who I am as a person.

I chose to use the second preliminary drawing for my final designs because I believe that it better shows not only the styles I borrowed from Delabruyere and Hirschfeld but also my most outstanding features.

For the black and white design, I used cross-hatching to add more dimension to the image while avoiding a more realistic approach. The choice to avoid realism comes from the idea of “amplification through simplification,” where a more simple design aesthetic can serve to allow for important information to be focused in an image (Scott McCloud). I side to use very heavy line weight in the hat to make it a focal point. The hat being covered with dense lines helps to direct the eye from the hat straight down through the image. I used a lot of uneven line weight in the shirt to create the illusion of texture with the cross-hatching.

I chose to use a more simplistic coloring in the second image to again emphasize the idea of simplicity helping to bring more attention to the more important meaning to the image of describing my most prominent features. The hat again serves as a focal point, and I chose to make it a solid black for this reason along with the fact that my favorite hat is black. The shirt is done in a light blue to represent my favorite color.

Caricatures are an important form of portraiture. They emphasize the most important aspects of a person, as I have emphasized the most important parts of who I am. Caricature is a fun way to show what is most important about any individual.

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