Computer Animation I Final Animation

While in class, the concept of love was brought up. I thought that it would be interesting to illustrate the different kinds of love for my final project. According to Southbank Center, there are seven kinds of love that people can experience:

Agape is the love of humanity. This is the kind of love that can make us charitable toward others.

Storge is the love of family. This kind of love that can transcend blood boundaries if it is strong enough.

Pragma is an enduring love. This is the kind of love we see lasting for 20+ years and all hope some day to achieve.

Philautia is loving yourself. Rather than being about vanity or self-absorption, this kind of love symbolizes self-respect.

Philia is the love of shared experience. This is the type of bond that you might see between to individuals bonded by trauma.

Ludus is the love of playful affection. This love could be more commonly associated with the feelings that a new couple may have. It is more like testing for deeper love than a serious infatuation.

Eros is the romantic and erotic love. It is based more on physical desire than deep emotional connections with another person. While it starts with attraction, eros can later develop into another type of love like pragma.


After reading about these different kinds of love, I imagined a picture that I believe would best suit what is being described. After having a solid idea for each image in my head, I looked online for images to use as reference for my drawings.

When I thought of agape, I immediately thought of a good samaritan offering a helping hand to someone down on their luck. While it might not be much, even offering a warm beverage to a person in need on a cold day to me is a sign of affection and general care for human lives.

Storge I imagined a mother and her young child. To me, seeing a mother holding her child is very symbolic of familial love. This makes me think about how a mother will always love her children, even as they grow older and move away. Rhythmic montage is used here to emphasize the closeness of this mother and daughter.

For pragma I could think of no better image than showing the transition from young to old age. Using limited metric montage here helps to show this couple’s enduring love for each other.

With philautia, I imagined a person looking in the mirror and smiling at their reflection. They smile at their best features and their imperfections alike and are happy to be the way they are.

For philia, showing two soldiers together seemed like a logical path to take. In the past, present, and future, soldiers have and will continue to survive wars and horrific circumstances as long as they have another in the same situation to rely on and share the burden of the experience. I used rhythmic montage here to show how the two soldiers are continuing to move forward; they survived together and will continue to love their loves to the best of their ability.

Ludus in my mind could best be shown through a simple sign of affection: holding hands. When you are just starting a relationship, I imagine people tend to be more shy about expressing their feelings since they are so new. An easy way to show the other person how you feel in this situation is holding his or her hand, so I thought it would make a suitable image for this type of love. Rhythmic montage is used here to show how the relationship of this couple is just beginning but has the potential to keep moving forward.

Finally, I wanted to illustrate eros through a kiss. I interpret kissing as one of the most passionate activities that people can do with one another, so it seemed to fit this type of love fairy well. Kissing can show the amount of attraction that two people have for one another, which is a bing part of the definition of eros.

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