Computer Animation Gallery Write-Up

The name of this exhibit is Impulses from the Machine: Interactive Musings on Cyborg Culture. This show is located in the Llewellyn Gallery, and was shown here from December 2 to December 12 2014. The creators of this exhibit are Jody Rosenbeck, Lance Hegner, Allison Brock, Stephanie Kemp, Mike Metzger, John Fitzgerald, and Brandon Butler.

There are a number of reasons that this exhibit is relevant to digital media and animation. First of all, it combines organic forms with technology. It talks about how we are currently combining technology with our own bodies to improve our lives. The concept of man being combined with machines has always been a fascination to people, and this shows a fun interactive way in which we can interpret the artwork. This piece also shows the possibly future advances in technology. It shows an interesting composition on how people may look in the future when we are more technologically advanced than we are now. It also shows the idea that we can imagine what the future can be like without actually knowing what is to happen.

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