Cinematography Write-Up: Olympus Has Fallen

Within the first thirty seconds of the film, a larger depth of field is used to show some landscape and the outside of a lodge. The inside of the lodge is brightly lit, which can be interpreted as the cheerful nature of the people inside.

Rhythmic montage follows this scene, with a close-up view of Gerard Butler’s character, then switching to a close-up of Aaron Eckhart’s character. This moment shows the perspective of both characters and how they see each other in that moment of time as they box. It then transitions to a side view, as if you are spectating the exercise. There is also a brief bird’s eye view, which could be seen as like a security camera recording what is happening.

Near the end of the first 30 seconds of the movie, there is Tonal Montage. Even though the two characters are boxing, you can see that they bear no ill will toward each other with their expressions and that they actually seem to be quite close; their relationship more closely resembles good friends than a president and his bodyguard.

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