Visiting Artist Write-Up

The artist who recently visited was Cristine Chin. She visited and talked about her work set up in the Llewellyn Gallery on October 23, 2014. Her works included the following: Masticating Meat Grinder, a meat grinder designed to look like teeth with a fleshy handle, Nostril Mill, a pepper shaker that looks like a nose with peppercorns in the nasal cavity, Salt Shaker, which is shaped like a mouth with the tongue dispensing the salt, Perceptive Sugar Pot, where the inside of the lid resembles an eye, Tasting Spoons, spoons with tongues for the spoon head, Shuttling Shakers, parmesan cheese dispensers that look like hands, Breast Milk Jug, milk jugs modeled after a human breast, the Breast Bottle, Toothed Tongs, with a mouth serving to grab the food, and the Good Listener Teacup, which is a cup with an ear on the side.

Her work can be related to Digital Media and Animation with her unique conceptual ideas and how she pushes conceptual boundaries. She is trying to explore through her art what others may not usually thinks about, and she pushes to cross boundaries that others have left uncrossed.

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