5 7 5 Glitch Gif Project

5-7-5-glitch     5-7-5-GIF-2   5-7-5-GIF-3

For this project, I wanted to illustrate a haiku. When browsing haiku’s online, one written by Natsume Soseki stood out to me:

Over the wintry

forest, winds howl in rage

with no leaves to blow.

When creating the first gif, I chose to glitch a certain number of copies of each image. I made 4 glitch images for the winter forest image and the leaves with 6 glitch images for the tornado. Together with the original images, I kept the 5 7 5 format. The 5 frames with the forest and the translucent leaves in the forest were each delayed 0.5 seconds while the tornado frames were delayed for 0.7 seconds, further implementing the 5 7 5 format into my piece. I wanted this gif to show nature’s wrath slowly building.

For the second gif, I used the concept of randomizing image selection with the numbers 5 7 5. Once there were pictures up in Google images, I went down 5 over and around 7 and then down 5 again to select my images. Excluding the original, I made 5 glitch images for the forest, 7 again for the tornado, and 5 for the leaves. When I was arranging the images in photoshop, I wanted it to seem more chaotic so I didn’t have a specific way of arranging the frames in my mind when I began. However, I did have an idea of how I wanted the images to flow. In the timeline, I delayed the first image for 0.5 seconds, then I skipped two frames and delayed the next one for 0.7 seconds. I then skipped another two frames and made the following frame have a delay of 0.5 seconds. Next I skipped 5 frames and made the next delay as 0.5; I skipped 3 frames and delayed 0.7 seconds, followed by a final skip of 2 frames with the last frame of the gif having a delay of 0.5. This gif shows how nature’s anger is intensifying.

The creation of the third gif was a similar process to the first, but there are some changes. I  made a more random order for the frames to further show how the natural forces are at their most chaotic as anger reaches its climax. I also have less of a delay for frames to emphasize this. There is a pause on the very last frame of the gif to show the result of nature taking its anger out on mankind.

I chose this haiku to illustrate because I thought it created very vivid imagery. It seemed like Soseki was giving life to nature with his descriptive language, and I could imagine an ephemeral being screaming at the loss of life from her land. I could see mother nature being angry with people for what they are doing to the planet, and I wanted this to be communicated in my gif to show her building rage as nature’s beauty is being stripped from the planet.

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