Kim Asendorf Report

Kim Asendorf is an artist who created a technique called Pixel Sorting to create his glitch art. Pixel Sorting is an algorithm he made that allows him to do Open Source image altering. In his images, the pixels are enhanced to be more easily seen and then are manipulated to move the image in a certain way.

In my opinion, the way he is distorting the landscape images shows how the technology age is affecting our planet. People are not acquiring and consuming more and more of our planet’s resources in order to be able to run all of the technology that we have and rely on so much. The glitching in these images seems to represent how in the future we could potentially not have actual natural structures anymore; the most we could have are images created by technology, which still holds the possibility of breaking down so we are left without forestry and nature as we knew it.

Distorting the buildings with glitch art can show how modern technology is not perfect, and that it has the possibility of breaking down. Asendorf’s manipulation of people and inanimate objects further shows how technology is taking over our lives. People are starting to become less human the more we rely on devices and machines to do things for us.

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