Chair Drawing

SANY1002         ChairLevelChanges

Studying the basic forms and shading in an object develop an eye for detail in any artist. Even accurately drawing a chair can help an artist gain this necessary skill. However, exactly how the chair is interpreted can be different from drawing to drawing while still being accurate.

I feel that I was successful in showing the way the fabric folds in the lower part of the image with the way in which the dark stripes curve slightly where the fold is located. The shading in the grain of the wood chair was also well done. To me, it actually looks like wood. I feel that the different values in the stripes were well done, although the stripes in the bottom could be a little darker to further show the kind of reverse atmospheric perspective in the shades of the actual chair.

I chose to do a closer view of the chair to be able to show more easily all of the interesting texture within the wood of the chair and the mesh on the back. I had it centered more to the right of the paper and having the two legs off from the bottom of the paper to make it look like the chair is starting to float away, like it is rising toward the sky.

Learning how shapes relate to each other in space can help you with any piece art that you can create. It will help you arrange an image to create whatever perspective you want if you can see how something could realistically be arranged. Being able to identify the subtle differences in shading can make an artwork very appealing. More often than not, the subtle differences in value can add texture to a piece and really bring life to it.

Developing an eye for detail can make any work you produce better. Once you have an understanding on how things are arranged in space, you can manipulate the forms to compliment your design. Understanding the way in which light and placement effect an object can give you the skills to create beautiful pieces of art.

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