Project 3: Symmetry and Color



For this project, I used the concepts behind symmetry and color to create a mandella.

It can be said that there is reflection symmetry in the organic shapes surrounding the center rectangle, as well as in the radial patterns to the left and right of the center. There is also reflection symmetry in the border design to further tie all aspects of the image together to balance the piece.

Rotation symmetry was used in the radial pattern. This adds a little complexity to the circle encompassing most of the design.

Asymmetry was used between the circle and the border pattern to separate those two elements and to help the way the madella moves from the outside to the center.

I used analogous colors from yellow to red to add a lot of warmth to the organic forms. I  arranged these colors from light to dark to really make them stand out. The blue near these colors compliments the heat brought by them.

The blue and purple and their intensity change creating browns in the radial pattern breaks down some of the brightness provided by the analogous colors.These colors provide some stability to the image and really cement the colors. They also bring a sense of refreshment and absorb some of the passion to make a more emotionally appealing work.

The greens were added to tie the piece to the earth and to solidify the stability, creativity, and strength that earth represents.

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