Visiting Artist Write-Up

Any form of art can be used when comparing each form to every other form. Knowing about the artist and how their art functions can be used to influence how your own art works or moves.

The artist who visited was Wenhua Shi. The exhibit name is Night Song and is displayed in the Llewellyn Gallery from September 25 to October 16. The first piece in the gallery is called Singing to the Sky. It was based off of a poem, and involves moving Chinese characters along with some english words and is interactive through sound. The second piece had straight flashing blue neon lights. The lights were separated into three groups made up of straight lines and curved lines arranged in different ways. The third piece was a video made from an old documentary from when President Nixon traveled to Beijing. The work shows the view of the city from riding in various vehicles. The fourth video is of Berlin in the 80s and shows outdoor monuments and old buildings. The last piece displayed is titled Descending a Staircase. It is composed of live-motion capture of a girl walking down a staircase. There is multiple layers of this action on top of each other.

Being able to identify the way a scene or a person moves is part of how you analyze the world around you. If you understand how things move and interact with each other, you can create an image or animation with a more accurate effect. Also, when you understand how something works you can change it to create a certain effect. Showing how the characters interact with sound in Singing to the Sky can help you see how other objects or even people may interact with sound. For example, a person would move away from a loud sound in a similar way to how the characters rapidly moved to the other side of the screen when a louder noise created the effect on the image. Using flashing colors like in the neon piece can leave an image or animation that stays within the viewer’s vision even after your work is done being viewed.

Knowing how an art piece works increased your understanding of how anything in the world can work. When you do understand, the process can be used to influence how any other art piece works, whether it be a drawing or an animation.

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