Suprematism Movie Poster


For this project, I chose to show the movie Eragon. This story follows an adolescent by the name of Eragon as he navigates through a world that is changed for him forever after a dragon hatches for him. He now has to learn how to be a dragon rider, and he must try not to drown from the new responsibilities placed on him while still trying to hold on to who he was before his dragon, Saphira, hatched for him.

Saphira is represented by the shapes at the top of the poster. The circle placed off-center is her body, and the triangle attached to it represents her wings. Her neck is the small square above and to the right of the circle while the head is the triangle next to that. I have Eragon’s name stretching up to Saphira’s neck while he struggles to hold on to show that they are both bound by who Eragon is and that Eragon is struggling to assume the new role that he has gained. The shapes are in blue to represent the color of Saphira’s scales and to further show how Saphira and Eragon are connected.

The smaller shapes within the image are meant to direct specifically which way your eye should travel on the page. From the larger triangle, the edges of the rectangle point up toward the square, and the shapes within the square and the direction of the triangle draw your attention down through the movie title to the figure at the bottom.

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