Helvetica Response

I thought it was interesting how one person commented that Helvetica was like “off-white paint” and that it is “hard to get your head around it.” In a way, this really is true. People see it so often that we do not really acknowledge that is is there. We see that it is text and is telling us something, but we do not generally think about it beyond that.

It seems like most of the speakers in this documentary prefer more expressive font types than Helvetica while fewer of the speakers said they would rather see non-expressive type faces. While I do think that fonts like Helvetica that are less emotive can be quite successful in conveying a message, I do like and prefer the look of fonts like Snell Roundhouse. How the letters flow and connect to each other are more appealing to me than straighter lines and very precise proportioning used in fonts like Helvetica.

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