Foundation/Journal Week 5

Artist Who Influences Me

An artist who is influencing me is Franz von Stuck. His interesting design concepts encourage me to think more outside of the box when considering concepts for my own work. He uses different contrast within his images to create focal points, as well as to emphasize certain parts of an image. He generally uses more subdued color in his work rather than bright, in-your-face colors. He keeps the people he illustrates proportional. He generally does not overlap any shapes within his images.

Mask Images and Write-Up


MaskDrawing Medium: Bristol Board, Derwent Graphic Pencil set


Any work of art can be described using the elements and principles of design. They help the viewer to understand why an image is appealing. Focusing on line, value, and scale, I can analyze my face mask and the drawing of it.

Within the mask, there are a lot of lines you can see; there really are no implied lines that you can see on it. This translates to the drawing of the mask. However, there are some light line weights as well as heavy. In the mask, most of the scored angles can be called heavy line weight. There are also some places where there is a fold without scoring that can be considered light line weight. I showed this in the drawing by showing the white highlights next to the heavier lines.

Value on white paper can be difficult to see completely. There are very subtle changes within the shades of white for the different angles of the mask, depending on where the light hits it. I showed this in the drawing by going for less of a range in value while darkening all of the shading a little so it is more easy to see the different shades. I also chose a lighter shading to prevent the mask from feeling menacing. Since I can be considered a gentle person, I wanted this to translate into my face mask drawing.

The overall proportions of the mask pretty accurately matches my face, though it is not completely accurate. The space for my mouth is a little too small, and my chin on the mask should be more round than it is. The drawing is a pretty close match in size to the mask, but turned out to be slightly larger in the drawing. Even so, all of the pieces in the drawing look to be in proper proportion when comparing it to the mask.

The elements and principles of design, specifically line, value, and scale in these pieces, can help show their similarities to each other. While not completely accurate, the mask and the drawing are close matches. They show the basic forms and planes within my face pretty well.

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