Project 2 Write-Up

Project Two: Personal Symbolism

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADavid Lance Goines poster used for referenceproject2

The flowers behind me are done lightly to show that while they do share a part of me (specifically my name), they are not who I am. Flowers are generally considered as being weak, and I am generally a strong person (maybe not physically, but emotionally). Flowers can be called graceful and gentle, but I am not really either of those. I am the type of person that generally is hard to make unhappy.  Sometimes I look upset or like something is wrong, but most of the time it is just my normal face. I chose to include simple patterns to show the essence of what my image symbolizes and that I am an uncomplicated person.

I chose to go for a more realistic shading of the shadows within my face because having it this way is more appealing and makes this easily identifiable as representing me. 

I chose to use straight lines to represent sound waves  because I wanted to create contrast within its meaning. While music is a more creative process, lines represent logic and show the movement from one point to another. Therefore, music can move you to think or feel a certain way. Also within the sound waves there are triangles. Triangles are the shape of feeling stable and inspired. Having triangles within the sound waves shows that music can be a stable source of inspiration.

The shading within the lines on the outside of the image was added to the sound waves to make them stand out more, and the places in which I chose to shade help move the eyes to the panel with my face without overpowering it.

Originally, I would have had my face filling up most of the page. However, seeing the image above by David Lance Goines convinced me that the image would be stronger as an image within an image.

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