Linear Project Write-Up


Project One-Line: Meditation



My design is based on emptiness. Rather than the image telling you what it says, you can interact with the image to find your own meaning. There are more possibilities in emptiness for an image to be more than just an image.

Meditation is represented by the candle and the treble clef. Since candles are common objects, they can easily be tied to a memory. To me, they represent stability and peace because whenever the power went out we would light candles and I would feel more secure with just the little amount of light they provide. Also, listening to music can relax you or make you feel more peaceful. From a personal standpoint, I would listen to music to help calm me down or lift my spirits when I was upset.

Beauty is interpreted from within, and I always thought that light by flames was not only enchanting but mesmerizing as well. Music can have the same calming effect, depending on the genre you listen to.

With the smoke, I applied the concept of wabi-sabi. Wabi-sabi is a Japanese term that describes recognizing the beauty of common objects. Smoke can be a common thing to see, but it can twist and move in interesting ways. I partially wanted to show this, as well as what smoke might look like if color could filter through it. While there are a number of other items I could have used to symbolize meditation, I chose to use just the candle and treble clef to create more open space and not have a cluttered image.

I chose to use high contrast to make the image more bold and to attract eyes to my design quicker rather than slower. The foreground in my image would be the candle, while the background is the more colorful parts of the image. I have a variety of line weights in the swirls to help direct where the eye is attracted to first and how quickly the eye will move through the image. I used the direction of the swirls to create a fluid motion intended to draw the eye up from the candle toward the right of the page then down and back toward the candle following the vine-like swirls.


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